Of Men & Maladies

Of Men & Maladies

Of Men & Maladies:
A Lifetime of Endometriosis

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“This memoir is the result of my accepting the extraordinary effect that endometriosis has had on my life, including how it touched and affected my intimate relationships with men. The crossroads of endometriosis, intimate relationships, sexual intimacy, and independence have been dominated by the disease. Endometriosis has dictated my life, from my couplings, to my marriages, and even into my ability to generate financial income.

Through my own personal research, and with the advent of Social Media, I have found Endometriosis symptoms and treatments of the body have become purposefully disconnected from my life.  From lack of access to medical care, to pharmaceutical greed, the life experience of a woman with Endometriosis is filled with medical care blocked by Bureaucracy, symptoms denied or ignored,  and accusations of drug addiction. .  The more I research, the more I find a stagnant medical community unable and often unwilling to treat or manage Endometriosis.

I began aligning my personal journals with my Endometriosis journals, and I found the men unknowingly entangled within the maladies. The how, why, and when I became so outspoken, defiant, and aggressive about women’s health, reproductive rights, bodily autonomy, and sexual independence are found within my story.

Many of the experiences told in this story never made it to any journals. The baseline for my decision-making never made its way to the pen until now. The majority of the memoir is done predominantly from memory, old emails, archived data on a broken memory stick, journal entry references, photo albums and other memorabilia that trigger my memories of that time.

Unlike the medical records, which are clearly documented and have all of the information from the corresponding years, my personal experiences are personal, like the small memories that I’ve picked up through pieces of furniture, artwork, old greeting cards from years ago, or a sweatshirt I stole from Levy and have kept.”


Excerpt From: “Of Men & Maladies: A Lifetime of Endometriosis