AHCA & States Rights

Endometriosis & Me

As the AHCA makes its way out of the US House of Representatives and over to the US Senate, Social Media is lit up with sensational tidbits from the Bill. Every one of the snippets fails to educate the reader on a very serious subject: States Rights.

The AHCA makes States Rights a Commodity, a Business worthy of your Tax Dollars. This is where I think the Trump Administration is acting Brilliantly. Trump is turning every State into a functioning Business with an Operating Budget & Plan, and the Governor/Representatives/Senators the CEO & Board of Directors directly responsible to their Shareholders/Constituents.

All of the snippets from Social Media regarding the AHCA focus on Women’s Issues without ever addressing the impact this Legislation has on Men and their Families. It is considerably telling that our Elected Officials do not even represent their own “kind” White Middle to Upper Class Males. Even more skewed are the Media Reports focused solely on Women’s Health Issues, without even a nod to Husbands and Fathers – who also happen to be Constituents. While 51% of the US Population may be Female, the truth in those numbers is that an overwhelming Majority of those Females are Married Women and/or Mothers. They are neither Single Mothers, nor are they on State Assistance. Most wouldn’t know where to find a Planned Parenthood, and even less know where to find the Welfare Office.

Take for example a White Middle Class Married Couple, they each make $96k, and $68k respectively, for a combined yearly income of $164k. They didn’t qualify for Subsidies on the ACA, so they use one or both of their Employer Sponsored Health Care Insurance Plans. These are the people who the ACA had no effect whatsoever. Like me, a single Woman Veteran, this married couple has no dog in the Health Insurance fight. I am fully covered by the Veterans Administration, as this couple is covered by their Employer Sponsored Health Insurance. Except, the AHCA, or TrumpCare, can and probably will have an impact on this Married Couple they did not anticipate when they voted Republican in the 2016 Election. Unlike me, they will see an increase in Premiums in the coming Legislation, due to the States Rights provisions introduced in to the Health Care Bill by Representative Fred Upton. This is very important, now more than ever.

Let’s say the White Middle Class Married Couple lives in Indiana, from where our GOP Vice President Pence hails. Before leaving Indiana for the White House, Governor Pence signed into Indiana Law a piece of Legislation that places the AHCA States Rights provision into stark focus. It is now illegal in Indiana to terminate a pregnancy due to Fetal Abnormality or Disability. Pair this Legislation with the provision in the AHCA which removes Federal Protections for Pre-Existing Conditions, such as Infant & Childhood Disability, aka “Abnormality”, and places that responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the Individual States.

However, in the current iteration of the bill, states may apply for a variety of waivers relieving them of certain Obamacare regulations. One of these waivers applies to how health insurers set premiums based off of “health status,” which may include current or past health issues.

  • In Indiana for example:

    It is now Illegal in Indiana to Terminate a Pregnancy due to Fetal Abnormality

    The Federal AHCA Bill removes Protections for Pre-Existing Conditions such as Fetal Abnormality.

  • The Federal AHCA Bill has an Amendment for States Rights:

So in Indiana, not only will this Middle Class White Couple be forced to carry to term a child with a Fetal Abnormality, this White Middle Class Male Husband now Father will be forced to raise a child with a Disability, without access to affordable Health Care. This White Male’s Choice was stifled, his Personal Life Choices to responsibly provide Financial Support for himself and his offspring is now dictated by his State. The State of Indiana could and probably will charge this couple an extremely penalizing Premium, Deductible and Co-Payment for the Health Care of their disabled child. Raise the Child, pay more, even at the cost of Bankruptcy.

If your strongly held Beliefs and Conservative Politics dictate that you should be forced to not only carry a disabled fetus to term, but also to pay extraordinarily penalizing financial premiums for Access to Health Care, then Indiana, and States which have similar values as Indiana, is the place for you to spend your hard earned Payroll Taxes, Corporate Taxes, Sales Taxes, and every other minutia of taxes.

However, if by chance your Education in Business, Law, Medicine or any other manner of specialized education, dictates that the Indiana Model is a fraudulent one that no practical business man would even consider, then it makes sense for you to start shopping for a New State. Good White Male Citizens with even a modicum of Business Sense, or even a good sense of when they are being swindled, will simply make the appropriate Personal & Life Choices to ensure their Wives and their Children are properly cared for in the Society where they send their State Taxes every day (Sales), every week (Payroll), every Quarter (State & Federal Business), and every Year (State & Federal Business & Personal).

Look, even North Carolina has stated unequivocally that if you don’t like the AHCA and the manner in which North Carolina implements the Law, then you should probably move.

While the Media and the Senate Propaganda Machines have us focused on Washington DC, the reality is that we need to be focused on our State Constitution, our State Representatives and our State Senators. This is where the Health Care Battle will be held, and our only weapon is our Tax Dollars. Because clearly our Votes are not working for us.


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