Dinner at Fisherman’s Warf – 1/11/11

Tonight I had dinner with my family.  The one who takes care of me.

I haven’t been to Fisherman’s Warf in San Pedro since I was a child.  I had visited the Ports of Call as late as 2005, but I really never went back to San Pedro after my apartment was robbed and I moved to Long Beach to be close to the English Teacher.

This family was with me through it all.  And stuck by me through it all.  We had a very fun time tonight and it was really fun to be in a stress free happy place.  Not to mention how yummy the Fish & Chips are!

I took all these fabulous pictures of dead fish in the Fish Market with my Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant on TMobile.  It’s kind of amazing how great the colors come out with this phone.  I have been shopping for a replacement to my Canon Rebel 400D but I am beginning to wonder, why bother?  Far too often I come across visuals such as these and I have my phone, not my camera.  The quality that comes out of this camera is as good or better than my Canon was.

I mean, let’s be honest, the artistry of photography is only 20% Mechanics and the rest is artistic vision – you have to have a subject on which to focus.  So if I am caputing the same vision with a SmartPhone that I can with a Digital Camera, isn’t the artistry the same?  The vision never changes, just the method by which the image was captured.  In the pursuit of Art, everyone has their own Fox Trap.


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