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  • Onagh – At the Jamaica Inn

    My uncensored opinions, Musings, Rantings and Creative Writing found here at The Jamaica Inn since 1998.


Keeping Secrets

“it was a promise that the U.S. military was making to her and she was making to the U.S. military: This will be our secret.” Since my secret was leaked, I get to leak yours. But not before I cause so much trouble, trigger so many questions, and generate so much paperwork that it becomes a … Continue reading


Preparing for War

Summer 1989 One of the things often said about Serving in the Air Force is that the Training is a cake walk. While that is true for most of the Branch, there is a level of Training for those careers in Combat and Combat Support that is comparable to the Army or even the Marines. … Continue reading

Lacking Empathy

I have been accused of Lacking Empathy. It has come from every direction: work, personal, Internet, Real Time. It surprises me, because I don’t feel that I have been successful in hiding my Illness at all. In fact I firmly believe my Illness has cost me several jobs over the past 10 years. It has … Continue reading

Silver Strand Sea Foam

Foam can be dangerous With tape across my mouth


My Loki

Loki Lyesmith “In the aftermath of Battle, I went into the Temple, I found a Baby, Small for a Giant’s offspring. Abandoned. Suffering. Left to die.” Thor – Odin recounts how he found Loki among the Frost Giants

Archie Goodwin – On The Cushings

It seems to be a particularly well placed Noun, but since it can easily be confused with the sound of “cushions”, a little dog might think this whole worry and fret might be a good thing. Cushings is not a good thing.  In June 2009, I did not know that the Pancreatitis Archie has had … Continue reading

Embracing Creepy

Embracing Creepy Stalking is just plain creepy.  It just is.  A weird guy who takes an interest in a woman he’s never met, a girl who has no idea he even exists.  Sometimes it starts with “Blog Stalking”, cruising an interesting blog over and over, or visiting a Discussion Forum to read a girl’s posts, … Continue reading


How to Stalk Your Stalker

Do you have a Stalker? Do you come home to find subtle changes to the photos on your fire place mantle?  Do you find your closet doors and bureau drawers open when you come home from work? This is not your garden variety Facebook Stalking.  By the time your Stalker works up the courage to … Continue reading

Women in Combat

It was an article I received on the Twitter feed from the NY Post Opinion column.  When I tweeted my opinion, I had no idea there were so many people radically opposed to Women in Combat, despite the fact that we already are. Why are we here again?  Why are we discussing this, again?  This discussion … Continue reading

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